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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ooh, a make your own diaper site that I am going to have to try!

Bonus Link Post for today!

Looking at how some of you get to my site, I stumbled across the Fern and Faerie Sew Diapers for $30 or less site.

Although I'm not too into the making them pretty, it did have a fix for using a Snappi for my t-shirt diapers. I have moved on to making a velcro belt fastener which I like better (Not as scary and can be used sans diaper cover without grabbing onto furniture), but when I was using a snappi, they didn't always hold onto the tshirt diaper very well. It suggests making a layer of "snappiable" fabric to the diaper. I will have to make one with my version to see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

have you heard of the rita rump diaper pattern? I sew those for a friend and they are so easy to make!

Melissa Jagears said...

No. Send it to me so I can see. Only if it's an easy sewing pattern, I basically suck at sewing, so it's gotta be easy. Oh, my mother just bought me a surger some lady was selling at her church, so I should have some more fun trying to sew!

Angela said...

Oh, I use the Rita's Rump pockets, too. Here is a link
Rita's Rump Pockets
And there's an awesome tutorial here
Fitted Diaper Tutorial