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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Easy 20 Minute Mermaid Costume

My child was eating dinner in her underwear last night. Why? Because as a mermaid, she didn't wear clothes. I said she definitely couldn't stay in her underwear, so my kiddo asked me to make her some shells and fins.

So as I munched, I inventoried my scrap box in my head and then ran upstairs when I finished. I had a blue t-shirt and an ugly, but very bright fabric skirt I got for free somewhere.

I brought down the blue shirt and cut it while on her to make a "bra" for shells - I will do a much better job on the next one now that I have a pattern, only if I have to make a next one, she's happy enough with it as is. Kind of has a Flintstoney aspect to it at the moment. :)

Then I cinched up the skirt with the elastic band to fit her (It's too long, but we just rolled down the waistband--it'll grow with her if she intends to be a mermaid in the years to come) and with the excess material cut freehand a big fin shape. I zigzag sewed around it to keep it from fraying and then sewed it to the middle back of the skirt.


And evidently if you press her belly button she sings like Ariel.

She's worn it all night last night, slept in it and worn it all day today even though it's 60 degrees in the house. Had a bit of an argument about how human mermaids don't wear their fins and shells into the bathtub though. :)

I love it that kids are so happy with such rudimentary things.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to Time Contractions on Computer or iPhone

I'm 38 weeks pregnant today, so I'll be having a baby any time now, and been debating on buying a stop watch since the one I had that could do that is dead, but do I really want to buy something I've not used in years for something I may not even need? (I had to be induced last time).

But, then I stumbled upon this: The Contraction Master. Just hit the S button on your computer or electronic device when they begin and end and it keeps track of it for you.

Sounds good to me, the laptop is almost always on!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Butter Wrappers for Greasing

This is one of those things I said I'd never do (like wash ziploc bags) but started to recently. But when hubby asked why I had a pile of folded butter wrappers on top of the shortening bucket . . .

I didn't realize someone might not know why a crazy lady was keeping those. The residue of the butter is generally enough to lightly grease your baking pan.

Just rub it on, if not enough, grab another one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make Your Own Almond Milk

A friend shared this link with me and I thought I'd put it here. I consume regular milk, enough to justify buying a cow sometime soon, but I have to admit I've always wanted to try almond milk because I love almonds. Maybe I shall make my own:

Almond Milk Recipe

Since it required a "nut milk bag" I was sure I could find someone talking about this elsewhere. Here are some ideas.

This forum, had these examples:

I read something by Carmella from The Sunny Raw Kitchen and she uses paint straining bags that you can find at a paint supply store or at Home Depot (I got mine at Home Depot). They are nylon and come in two sizes. I got the smaller ones. One package has 2 bags in it and was around $3! So that's $3 for 2 bags! I just cleaned it really well in hot soapy water before using and it has worked wonderfully thus far.

I have only ever used cheese cloth. typically it is easier to find and works pretty well. it helps to have someone help you keep the corners up. (I say why not just sew the cheese cloth into a bag???)

And I saw somewhere else someone used a flour sack.