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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wowser Wednesday - Hard Suitcase Play Cases

What a fun recycle project for those hard suitcases you see at the thrift store! Make a play case. At Second Street, Kalleen give you a tutorial on making this dinosaur land.

And her dad made a Cowboy/Indian one and a zoo one on when she was little.

The possibilities! I could see making a car case with ramps and bridges. A small doll case with rooms and outdoor playground. A battlefield with trenches and landmines for soldiers. An aircraft runway on one side and an aircraft carrier in the ocean on the other, etc. Can you come up with any more creative play cases? Share your theme idea in the comments.

Oooh. Great project for an older kid to design/make for a younger kid for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Her blog is definitely a fun one to look through for creative projects.
Like a leather bag turned into jewelry

Monday, April 26, 2010

More Dog Food Bag Reuses, Butcher Paper and Hunting Seat

Just thought I'd share two more uses that we use our Chicken Feed or Cat Food bags for.

Last week, we butchered a chicken, but had to bring it inside because it was too dark. I cut open a cat food bag and did it on the kitchen table. No mess! After finished, just wrapped the unused carcass bits up in the bag to transport it back outside.

I have now learned that my husband, when going out hunting, uses his food bag apron as a seat. Silly man. Now, I just roll one up for him and he takes it with him and unrolls the bag to sit on the ground so his tush doesn't get wet. This could be used for fishing or camping or whenever you might be sitting on the ground. Compact water barrier.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Puffy Paint Bottle Cap Stamps

Make Custom Stamps with trash and puffy paint. Looks like fun! Tutorial at Pretty Little Things.