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Monday, April 26, 2010

More Dog Food Bag Reuses, Butcher Paper and Hunting Seat

Just thought I'd share two more uses that we use our Chicken Feed or Cat Food bags for.

Last week, we butchered a chicken, but had to bring it inside because it was too dark. I cut open a cat food bag and did it on the kitchen table. No mess! After finished, just wrapped the unused carcass bits up in the bag to transport it back outside.

I have now learned that my husband, when going out hunting, uses his food bag apron as a seat. Silly man. Now, I just roll one up for him and he takes it with him and unrolls the bag to sit on the ground so his tush doesn't get wet. This could be used for fishing or camping or whenever you might be sitting on the ground. Compact water barrier.


Donna said...

Hi MJ, Now I'm curious. Where do you live? I have never met anyone besides myself, who had butchered a chicken. :o) And of course, this is a great idea for the purpose. I suppose it would also work for butchering a pig. I had to do that once to. Even though it was a small pig, it was still a big job. I like the idea of the barrier for sitting on the ground when fishing or hunting or camping! We better start saving our bags!!

Melissa Jagears said...

Check out the tag for Animal food bags at the end of the post for my other bag ideas, I mainly use them to hold trash like broken glass, broken ceramic, broken tiles, metal or anything else that pokes through trash bags that I want to throw away, it sits next to my regular trash and accumulates separately.

I live in KS, raised in MO. We've butchered chickens, rabbits, deer and raccoons for food at the current house. Had to smoke and eat the raccoon, just to see how it was. Not bad. Free food from my backyard, why not take advantage of it? Especially since the raccoon was after the chickens.

Haven't actually attempted to eat the opossum that we have caught going into the coop even though I have a recipe. Hubby used to trap them when a kid to sell their furs and evidently they are not pleasant to skin so he's adverse to doing it again, so I'll just trust him. They just get thrown in the back pasture to feed our local pack of coyotes or buzzards, or whoever will eat the evidently very greasy, fatty things.

I am happy that in this area (pretty rural) to have met a few others that can even give me advice on butchering and things. It's a lost "art." We are so removed from "gross" things in this culture anymore. Butchering and cloth diapers make me into some crazy brave person to be able to handle such "gross" stuff. Ok, jumping off soap box.

Actually, this butchering was for a teenager in our church who was interested in learning how and since we had a mean rooster that needed to die since he kept going after my toddler, we let her learn how and take it home for chicken noodle soup.

Right now, I have 6 Cornish crosses I got on clearance in the coop waiting to grow up to fill our freezer.