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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Butter Wrappers for Greasing

This is one of those things I said I'd never do (like wash ziploc bags) but started to recently. But when hubby asked why I had a pile of folded butter wrappers on top of the shortening bucket . . .

I didn't realize someone might not know why a crazy lady was keeping those. The residue of the butter is generally enough to lightly grease your baking pan.

Just rub it on, if not enough, grab another one.


Andrea Strong said...

I almost suggested this for you to post. I keep my butter wrappers in the freezer in a zipper bag (that I washed :)

Bloggers said...

this is an awesome idea. I will start using this idea this weekend. I will be baking some bread and this will come in handy.

legendswife said...


My husband was just telling a gal about me doing the same thing. And the look on her face (giggle)only made her think even more how crazy I am with frugality!lol

Wench said...

Well, what a great idea. Once we get out of this tin can (30'RV travel trailer)there wont be anything I wont make. My father in law saves tin foil butter wrappers to wrap his baked spuds he puts in the oven to cook. He was raised in the depression. His middle name should be frugal.