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Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Ornament - Ball of Greeting Cards

I remember doing this as a kid. I always save the fronts of my cards to use for scrapbooking or other projects. My mother saved previous year's Christmas cards for these ornaments.

First gather 8 cards with a similar theme or color scheme. These all have a hunting and fishing theme. Grab a kitchen container lid. The size of the lid will determine whether your ball is large or small.

Use the lid as a guide to draw a circle around the object in the card you want.

Now, you will cut out each of these circles and you will fold them up on three sides. A flat triangle will be in the middle. To do this, I folded up two sides to meet at the top of the picture. Then I creased them individually, then I folded up the bottom to meet the points of the two sides I already creased. (There is one I outlined with sharpie so you can see how it is folded.) I am sure you could make a pattern for this to make it neater and will fit exactly, but I was lazy.

Then you will glue each one to the other. Four will make the top and four will make the bottom. Don't forget to glue in a loop of ribbon on the top one for which to hang it.

Then glue the top to the bottom. I then took clothespins to hold all the edges together until the glue dried.

And here is the ornament.

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