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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Ornament - Wool Sweater Candy Cane

I have an abundance of wool sweater scraps from my diaper cover projects. These pieces of wool are already felted (shrunk).

First I took some red and white wool sweater scraps.

Then I cut them into little one inch squares.

Then I took a hole punch and punched them in the middle of each square. My hole punch didn't cut cleanly through, so I just left the "hanging chad" on there. My hole punch did often get stuck, but I just pried it apart each time.

Then I took a pipe cleaner (unfortunately I couldn't find a red or white one) and scrunched it up on one end to make a "knot," and started to thread them on alternating colors.

Then when I got it mostly filled, I made another "knot" at the top end and bent over the pipe cleaner. Then I cut a length of wool sweater and tied it together and hid the knot in the fold of the candy cane for a hanger. And there you have a wool sweater candy cane ornament.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is lovely! Great idea! Thanks.