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Monday, November 17, 2008

Flat Fold Cloth Diaper made from T-shirts

So, I had gotten lazy and attempted using my first "flat fold" diaper by using a t-shirt. The neck hole and sleeves of the t-shirt plus it's rectangle shape made it a bit bulky. It would be a good emergency use item, but not sure I would be happy with it long term. So, liking the fact of not needing liners with the origami fold, I wanted to make a flat fold diaper.

First I took two t-shirts of roughly the same size.

I cut off the hem and cut up the sides where I wouldn't be cutting off into the sleeve.

Then I folded up the corner to make a square to give me a guide to cut it. (I am making these squares roughly 20" each for a toddler diaper.

Then I sewed them each to each other. Quite simple and I didn't bother hemming or tacking down the seam for they will be folded up in the diaper anyway.

I folded the seams to the inside in the origami fold.

And here is my kiddo in it. Lots less bulky and the front strip can extend further up the front. So this did fix the problem when I just folded it using an uncut t-shirt.


Ally said...

I use receiving blankets as flats, they work great but tshirts would be so much softer. Thanks for this post! =)

Melissa Jagears said...

on this one, these are really big more for a monster toddler! I didn't have a flat fold to measure, so, if you have one, just use it to figure out the size of squares you need.