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Monday, November 3, 2008

Fake Makeup for Toddler

My toddler is always wanting to put on makeup. (I hardly wear makeup, but she sure caught on quickly on what to do with it!)

I took some of those old things of makeup that should have been thrown away, but were always kept for goodness knows what and scraped the makeup out of them. I was stymied on the lipstick and really never came up with anything good, but recalled in some distant past that a Barbie coloring book came with a pen that looked like lipstick and found it in my stash of pens. I took out the pen part and that's my lipstick. If anyone has any idea how to make a fake lipstick (my girl eats everything so it has to be plastic) let me know!

In a shoe box I placed old powder and eye shadow cases, lipstick pen, contact case, brushes, emery board etc. Now she has her own makeup that looks like the real thing!

I just thought that if your kiddo would like "colors, " (Mine doesn't care right now) you could have them choose between all your nail polish colors and "paint" the makeup into the bottom of the container.

Or if you want to have "color" you can fill them with nail polish like this.
Or you can glue in little pieces of craft foam like this (scroll to the bottom of the thread.)


crystal said...

for the lipstick ,there is some candy lipsticks a the store for 10 cent eatpull the candy out and hot glue the cap on and its perfect

Melissa Jagears said...

great idea, I'll have to look at the gas stations around here to see if they carry them, I haven't been inside a gas station for a long time!