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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Conserve Dryer Sheets

Do you use dryer sheets? If so, conserve them. When you buy a box, cut all the sheets in half when you open the box. Then see if you can reuse the sheet a second time. This way you are getting double or triple the bang for your buck.

I did this when I used dryer sheets. Now I just line dry all year round and use the dryer only to get the last bit of dampness from my clothes if it is a humid day and they need to come off the line/rack before they are dry. The little time in the dryer doesn't require dryer sheets since the static offenders (wool, polar fleece, synthetic materials) are generally dry first and aren't shoved in to the dryer with the rest for the 10 minutes they are in there.


p1p3r said...

Have you tried making/using wool dryer balls yet? I've been VERY happy with mine and haven't used dryer sheets in close to a year. I still get static with my work clothes (almost entirely sythetic blend pants and shirts =P) but NONE with anything else.

I used this tutorial:

Melissa Jagears said...

Thanks for the idea, p1p3r, I'll have to make some, of course, making do with stuff I already have.

Teresa Slack said...

My sister gave me a recipe for homemade laundry detergent. Been using it since Christmas and have no complaints from the family. They haven't even noticed. I spent $11 in April to make about a 6 mon supply for Hubby and me. Also try using a splash of vinegar in your rinse cycle instead of liquid fab softener.

Anonymous said...

You can actually cut the dryer sheets into fourths. One strip is sufficient to dry one load of laundry.

I make homemade powdered laundry soap. Have made it for over 8 years and it works fantastically.. even in my new front loading washer.

1 box of Borax
1 box of Arm & Hammer Washing soda
1 bar of zote soap or fels naptha, grated

Mix altogether and store in a container.

Use 2 TBSP per load (not a typo).

Teresa Slack said...

Laura, that's the recipe I use for liquid detergent. I just cook it a while in a couple gallons of water and shake it up really well before adding a capful to the wash.

Clean and shiny in southern Ohio, Teresa

Melissa Jagears said...

my recipe for the homemade detergent is here:

Although I haven't made it into a liquid. I use a bit less of the soda and borax, but I might try your version and see if it leaves less linty residue on the dark clothing since I think the culprit is the soap.

Teresa Slack said...

MJ, Cook in sauce pan with 4C water until dissolved. Add mixture to 3 gal hot water.

After that I pour into all the saved containers I have around the house. I have no problem with lint. I've read liquid is better for your septic system too.