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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wowser Wednesday - Greenhouse made out of Plastic Liter Bottles

I have to say, I have a greenhouse made from old windows already in the planning stage, but when I saw this, I was tempted to change my mind and make a greenhouse out of soda bottles, but then I realized I don't drink anything from plastic bottles so it would make it a real challenge to gather the materials, but if you have access to plastic liter bottles and want a greenhouse, look at these plans.


Katidids said...

That is AWESOME!!!! Wonder if it would hold up to midwest snows....mind if I link to you?

Melissa Jagears said...

Don't know about the snow, but I doubt it would stand up to my Kansas wind! That's why I am going to stick with the salvaged windows idea.

Anyone is welcome to link to me.

Anna said...

You could always ask for the bottles on freecycle! Looks like a fun family project.

Unknown said...

way cool! Hubby just got a new post on his honey-do list. heehee
Al that pepsi drinking finally paid off. . .