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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No need for little swimsuits

Functional fixedness found me last week. In my stash of clothes that I store up when I hit good garage sales and get hand me downs, there was no 3T swimsuit. So, I put it on the grocery list. There were no more size 3 swimsuits at the store. So, I went and dug through a mountain of clothing at the thrift store. Literally a mountain, there was no organization to the newly-brought-in-from-recent-garage-sales kid pile. Found one 12 month swimsuit and a teen one. A brilliant idea struck; I could cut down the teen one! Then even more brilliant, I had an old one at home I hardly ever wore because I hate the color, I could convert that one! Then on the drive home, my brain informed me that a swimsuit isn't a necessary item. She can swim in her underwear/clothes in the backyard pool and even the lake. As long as I don't want to go to the city pool, I'd be wasting my money getting her a bona fide swimsuit if I was willing to waste enough gas to find one in this town.

So I filled up the fairy pool, put her in some panties and let her go. Daddy plopped in dressed as well and she was happy.

So, so glad I didn't put up a tutorial on how to cut down an adult swimsuit to fit a three year old and have someone comment that I could have just let her swim in her clothes! Functional fixedness -0 Me - 1 (Admittedly, almost too close to call)


Katidids said...

What a fun pool!

Teresa Slack said...

Love this idea. Some of the most practical solutions are the most obvious. Keep those ideas coming. Love your blog.

:: @ku :: said...

marvellous!!!(correct spelling?)
can i join u..?? lol. have a nice day..

Tina K said...

My four year old niece has a couple swim suits but prefers to skinny dip in the backyard pool.

KC said...

in our own backyard my youngun ( when little) preferred her birthday suit. ( we lived in a private area set away from prying eyes)
In semi private area underwear worked great too. ( espeecially seeing the cost of some suits...Geez).