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Friday, June 12, 2009

Petroleum Jelly Uses - Add a few?

Need inexpensive eye makeup remover? Just rub on a bit of Petroleum Jelly and wipe off with a rag. No need for special stuff, this works great.

I also use petroleum jelly for chapstick. Not when my lips are chapped, but just because I am addicted to having something slippery on my lips.

Using up a big thing of Petroleum Jelly is yet something I have done. In fact, I think my mother is still working on the one she bought before I was born.

So, what other uses do you use petroleum jelly for? Please share!


Marie said...

I love checking out your blog. You have lots of great frugal advice. Especially your remakes.

However, being as green and environmentally conscious as possible, I would never consider using petroleum jelly, and especially not on my body. It's bad enough we have to use petroleum products in our car and to heat our home. We are consciously trying to cut out uses of petroleum products. I find that olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax can solve pretty much any issue that previously would have called for petroleum jelly.

Annchan said...

I use it to grease up old gears and it helps a sticky window or sliding door

Sewing-Chick said...

I've been using it on my son's head for cradle cap. It seems to be working!

Anonymous said...

make some homemade salve with it:
7 oz petroleum jelly
2 oz (a handful) freshly picked calendula flowers

Melt petroleum jelly over low heat.
Add calendula.
Bring mixture to a boil and simmer very gently for about 10 min, stirring well.
Strain through fine gauze and press out all the liquid from the flowers.
Pour liquid into container and seal after it has cooled.

Daisy's Mom said...

I use it to control bugs in the garden.

I take a yellow container, usually a leftover yellow plastic cup, but I have used orange juice cans. Place it on the end of a 1x2 piece of wood about 3 feet long and secure it with a push pin. Next, I poke the stick into my garden and slather the upside down cup with vaseline. Most bugs are attracted to the yellow color, get stuck in the vaseline, and, well, you know the rest.

It doesn't get rid of all the bugs, but it does help control the population of unwanted guests.

Unknown said...

I use vaseline to shine my free to me ECCO shoes. They're real leather and vaseline makes them look gorgeous!

Teresa Slack said...

It's great for boo-boo's like paper cuts, splinters, blisters, anything that doesn't require real medicine. I use it all the time.

Marie @ Myculinarycalling said...

My mom is still using the one she got before my sister and I were born 20 years ago! haha