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Monday, June 15, 2009

Grocery Budget a Month Ahead of Time

I budget an entire month of groceries. For example by using all of June's checks for July, I have all the money for groceries for July on July first. (See my budgeting set-up)

This comes in handy for sales. I usually shop at store A, but Store B's flyer had my cereal for 50% off. Technically, they upped the price and then discounted, you have to watch for that. But it still saved a little over a dollar a box. So being the second week of the month, I bought 12 boxes (4 for each week) today to make it for the rest of the month. Saving about $13 dollars total. If I were budgeting weekly, I would have had to scrimp on other food to take advantage of the deal or not buy it. So, monthly budgeting can help you take advantage of deals at the grocery store.

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Wench said...

I made an xcel sheet for items I use all the time by store. I haven't been to our new Costco, that takes time. Just a frugal thought.
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