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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cinderella Dress

My child is obsessed with Cinderella and the Cinderella dress-up gown, which she doesn't own, a friend does and she constantly wants to visit. More to put on the dress than play! So I set out to make one.

First I gathered up like materials (I won't be using the tulle and dark fabric and added a white turtleneck to this mix) and a similar dress to help me visualize. I did want to make it a bit large so she could play in it for a long while.

I cut out two rectangular panels for the skirt, two small rectangular panels for the sleeves, a v-shaped cutout for the front "panel" and cut out the front chest of the shirt.

For the front fake panel, I pinned on the v-shaped panel onto the front shirt piece folding under the edges. And sewed it on.

After that, I cut out some lacing to border the panel. Zigzagged that on the edges.

Then I turned the piece inside out and sewed up the bottom quarter to create arm holes.

Then for the sleeves, I pinned them on the front of the bodice like the picture. I started in the middle and pleated as I went. I sewed over these pleats.

Then after the pleated portion of my sleeve was sewed on, I took the bottom of the sleeve and pinned it on down the sleeve hole and sewed it on.

Then for the side Cinderella poofs, I cut off the sleeves of a white turtleneck and rounded the tapered end and then cut it flat across the top.

I hemmed the sleeves which made them ruffled. Not sure how to not do that with a knit fabric maybe some seamstress reading this will enlighten me, but it worked with the theme. Then I centered the sleeves on the sides of the skirt and sewed them on.

Then I turned the skirt and bodice inside out and pinned the center of the sleeves at the side of the bodice and pleated the skirt until it all fit inside the waist. Then I sewed on more lace at the waist to cover up my ill sewing to get the finished product.

I have to say, even though I know she was just quoting Cinderella from the movie, it feels nice when your toddler won't stand still to take a photo in her new dress, but twirls and twirls saying, "It's like a dream, a dream come true."


Mama-in-training said...

That is soooo precious. What a SUPER GREAT mom to do that for your little girl!!

Bloggers said...

That is so great!!! Don't you love it when kids are happy with something that you made. My little boy loves the stuff I make more than the stuff that is bought.

Shanna said...

You're so clever! What a sweet photo of your little princess...

Kirsten said...

beautiful! Brave, too. I mean a whole dress from nothing? ses 2nd hand for a while. So many are cheap in construction but not price. This beats them, easily!

Lance Halladay said...

OHHHHH! So that's how all those animals in the movie did it!

Mrs T said...

Great work.
A friend of mine helped me make a similar Cinderella dress - also upcycled.
We used old curtains and an old tablecloth to make the dress.
you can see it