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Friday, December 19, 2008

Wool Sweater Toddler Mittens with Cord

So now that I have mittens, it was time for the two year old to have mittens. I decided not to worry about a thumb, she just needed her hands warm. You could easily do a thumb if you wanted to. So, I grabbed another set of sleeves that has shrunken way down. You never know how a sweater is going to shrink and this one shrunk so much that it looked like only Olive Oil would have fit in those sleeves. Then I also took two strips of another sweater about two inches wide for I am going to make a cord to keep on the mittens. Do you know I haven't been able to find ready made gloves for kids that have that feature anymore? Probably has to do with choking safety standards, but I want mine to have that. I survived with them, I bet she will too.

Then I cut and then sewed across the inside out mitten piece in a circular pattern.

Then I trimmed the excess.

Then I sewed the "cords" closed.

Then I turned the cord inside out. Make sure you make it wide enough to shove your finger in there. I sewed my two cords together to have a long cord.

I decided that I didn't want to make a cord for every pair of mittens I make for her, so I decided that I was going to make the cord work for any and every pair she has using buttons. So, I made a button hole on each glove.

Then I sewed on buttons to each end of the cords so that they could attach in this manner. That way if the kiddo came in needing new mittens after a few hours of snow play, we could change out the gloves without taking off the coat.

And so here is my lovely model to show off the finished project. The cord was astronomically too long, so I just tied a knot in it behind her back; therefore, it is an adjustable cord as well as reusable! :)

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