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Monday, December 29, 2008

Yarn Padded Hangars

My great grandma used to always make yarn padded hangars throughout the year and give all of her grandchildren a bag full for Christmas. These are so easy that she even did them after she went blind. Use your scrap yarn for these even your little pieces for your own closet, who cares what they look like?

I gathered up some scraps, I started with the bigger ball and didn't even finish it so it doesn't take very much. Tie on the yarn at the top of the hangar.

Now a crochet pattern would probably be written like this:
BEG, Take needle under hangar, yo, bring above hangar, yo, draw through. Then HDC around the hangar until done.

If you don't normally crochet, this isn't very difficult. Here are pictures to guide you. Grab a crochet hook. Grab onto your needle the yarn from under the hangar and pull back up to the top.

Then, put the yarn above the hangar over your needle and pull that through the "loop" that was already on your needle. Now you have a real loop on your needle.

Now you are going to "yo," yarn over meaning while your needle is above the hangar wrap the yarn over your needle.

Next, pull your needle down in front of the hangar and pull your yarn down behind the hangar and grab the yarn with your hook or "yo."

Now bring both the needle and yarn back up, yarn in behind, needle in front. And yarn over again.

Now you are going to draw through. Take that last piece of yarn you grabbed with your hook and pull it through the three loops that are on your hook. You are back to square one with one loop on your hook. You just did a half double crochet around the hangar.

Now continue this ad naseum scrunching up the yarn as you go, do not worry about getting it tight on the hangar, the padding is better when you do it a bit loose. Tie off when you get to the other side and you have a nice padded hangar for the closet to help keep funny dents off the shoulders of your blouses and strappy shirts from slipping off.


Heather - said...

I used this technique to cover shaped pipe cleaners (with a cookie cutter) for ornaments this year.

Donna said...

I love making these and I had forgotten all about them!! Thanks so much for featuring this post!

Wow..I am so going to do this with the kids this week!

Donna Rodgers at Homemaking Made Easy