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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Ornament - Juice Lid Silhouette

Do you save juice can lids? Have you seen people make Victorian ornaments by gluing on a greeting card and trimming it with lace and ribbon like this?

Well, I have also seen people have their kids glue on their school photo and decorate.

I wanted something in between, Victorian, but a memory of my child. So I decided to make a Silhouette Victorian Ornament.

In Jane Austen days, making silhouettes was often great fun. Here is how to create one a la Jane Austen.

Then you would use a pantograph to enlarge or reduce it. For real fun, make a pantograph. Or you can be modern and just use your computer and some scanning software or fancy printer to shrink it.

Well, I didn't do either because I have a 2 year old who I am not about to ask to hold still to be drawn! So I looked through photos of her and found one I had taken that had a good profile.

Then I put it in my photo software and cut out her profile.

Then I cleaned it up a little bit.

Then I blacked it out. Then I reduced it to a 2 inch square and fudged and made the back of her head. It will do; can't wait until she is old enough to sit still for a real one!

So, I printed it out and cut it out.

I gathered up ribbon, trim, lace, juice can lid, silhouette and toddler foot.

Since I wanted to center my silhouette, I ended up cutting it out. I had to make a new background for my ornament by tracing the lid and cutting it out.

After gluing on the silhouette and background, first put on the lace, you will have to scrunch it as you hot glue along so that the lace will lay nice and flat around the ornament instead of caving backward. Then I put on the trim and ribbon hangar.

The final touch was the year and name of my child. However, I am in a time vortex as I just now see I wrote 2006! Thankfully "6" is easily converted into "8."

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