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Monday, December 8, 2008

Surger Scrap Stuffing

I got myself a newish surger; I am so excited! I just fixed all my unraveling diapers where I was too lazy to zigzag stitch them properly. If I knew how great these things were for a lazy sewer like me I think I would have looked harder for one sooner!

So, I went through the pile of diapers and fixed the ones needing fixed and just about picked up the scrap fabric and threw it away when my frugal mind rebelled. I heard this little voice saying, "You can use that for something; think!" Stuffing! So, now they have been given a designated bag to stay in to accumulate until I have a pillow or animal to stuff. I mourned the past t-shirt scraps that I have previously thrown away for a second, but I recovered.


Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

LOL! That's too funny.

Heather - said...

Good job! My mom has one (a handmedown), but neither of us know how to thread it. Guess we should figure it out.

So I guess you get "tightwad guilt" too about throwing stuff away!!

Mommycia said...

I too just got a serger recently, and I LOVE it!!! I have been holding onto my scraps with no idea what to make. I saw a mama that made sponges out of the scraps.

Melissa Jagears said...

yep, I get tightwad guilt all the time. What's really bad is when I actually throw it away and then later come up with this great idea to use them, but they are gone. Like the rug I made out of old socks. I had hung on to socks for several years and last year finally threw them away then 6 months later I hit on the idea of the sock rug! Arghh, did that make me mad at myself! :)

Most likely if you can find the name and model number of your machine you can find its manual on the web.

Alana Jo said...

Oh Id love a serger!!!

Susanne said...

my mom used to use nylon stockings back in the days before panty hose, (early 1960's) and used it as stuffing for throw pillows she made.