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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dog House or Animal Weed Bedding

I have found a great reason not to mow. Do you have a field, ditch or for that matter lawn that looks like this?

Well, then for the winter, grab handfuls of it and line your animal house with it to keep them warm. Don't bother paying for hay.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog when searching for tie diapers. :) Cool place, and especially in these times of economic crisis. You really have a great thing going here. I would not have replied here, but did not find a "contact me", so I don't think this will hurt. (Feel free to delete). ANYWAY... I had a couple of ideas... Maybe if you had a post that said: Send me your ideas! People love helping. And it might also help keep people following this blog. Not to mention, help you come up with new ideas. :) I have a couple. Like what about using pickle jars or jelly jars for glasses? I know it might seem simple, but I'm sure all kinds of people have ideas they would LOVE to share. Maybe simple, but still content, and how often do people not think of that and just throw jars away and litter the planet. Okay, I'll stop polluting your blog now. Keep up the good work!

Melissa Jagears said...

All right, Ms or Mr. Anonymous, In my sidebar there is a mail me suggestions spot now, I'll plan on doing that on Fridays if anyone feels like sharing. So, if you would like to send those couple of ideas my way, you can use the new feature - inspired by you!

funchy said...

Good idea, as long as the plants aren't toxic to the animal. Google "toxic plants [animal-species]" to find out what plants your animal shouldn't eat.