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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wool Leggings

Somehow I stumbled upon a leg warmer site, babylegs, awhile back. Didn't realize these things were popular nor used on teenage arms.

But, I used to want something like this when my kiddo was tiny. You know the stage where you are changing their diaper every half hour or more. I got tired of pulling off pants, but with the diaper covers I make without side openings, because I am a lazy no good sewer, you had to completely pull them off. So during the winter, I put my thin little socks on her so that she wore them like thigh highs, so I could change her diaper, not take off pants and keep her legs warm.

So, that snow suit I made out of two wool sweaters left me with some skinny sleeves. I am sure any shrunken wool sweater sleeves that don't have enough material to become Diaper Cover Longies will make fine leg warmers.
I chopped it off even and...

Viola! Leg warmers. I am sure they are just as capable of being worn on your arms as they are on my baby's legs if you have the desire.

My model was getting a little weary of modeling. Please ignore stressed out facial features; they were not caused by the leg warmers.

1 comment:

Heather - said...

Aww, she looks cute. You can't tell she's stressed! I had to bribe my 2yo to model some of my projects a couple weeks ago!

Those baby leg things are so cute. I have been using knee high adult socks on my son this week.