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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Recycle Your Greeting Cards for a Good Cause

Merry Christmas!

Over the next few days as you clean up after your merry Christmas mess, don't throw away your Christmas cards. If you aren't keeping them, consider donating them to St. Jude. They have the kids at their ranch recycle them and sell them to help other children at St. Jude's.

In fact think about organizing your office, school or church to bring in all their cards and send them to St. Jude together.

They take other kinds of cards as well.

Consider buying your next cards from them.

Here is the directions and address to send your cards.


Alexandra said...

Thanks! This is a great way to recycle and help at the same time. I love your blog!

Alexandra said...

And Merry Christmas. :) Peace and joy.