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Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Pin or Velcro Adjustable Prefold Cloth Diaper from Old T-shirt

I was inspired with my new surger while fixing diapers to figure out some way to not have to use a fastener anymore.

Pins aren't fun with a squirmy baby.
Snappis won't hold the t-shirt material so I was thinking of attempting adding snappi material like the Fern and Fairie site instructions.
My velcro belt fastener is the best I had come up with, but sometimes the middle material would slip out if not fastened tight enough or baby is starting to get big enough that there isn't much material to hang onto up above those baby hips.

So, I saw these instructions for adding ties for orphanage diapers, but that essentially would leave me with the same problem as the velcro belt. But! If I make the ties somehow hold onto that middle section of diaper then there would be no problem. This is my new design.

First, make a prefold diaper from an old t-shirt like I show you here.

Now, take (2) 13"x2" strips from some of that leftover t-shirt. (Or use a contrasting color t-shirt if you want to be super cute about it.)
Fold over that 2" strip and zigzag or surger the edges. My pic just shows 3 edges done, but I did all 4 edges later when I decided it looked prettier.

Then zigzag a square to attach about an inch of the strip onto two opposite corners of the diaper.

Now, measure the distance of your first knuckles on your index and thumb when scrunched together like so. If your hubby has bigger fingers, measure his distance.

You will need to make the buttonholes this wide. I learned the hard way by just making it the size of the strings, your finger width is more important! All subsequent button holes are now sewn larger! You are going to sew 2 large buttonholes an inch down. For adjustable diapers for newborns to toddlers, measure 5" down from the top as well and place another set of buttonholes. (I based this on the Curity Velcro Pinless Diapers that Mom had that you can't find anymore that have made it from newborn to 2 years old for me, so I figure that was sound engineering to steal from.) This will make a leak spot if you don't use liners, but I have never not used them, so I don't care, it's not that great a gap as it is.

Now you are ready to fold the diaper. Normal fold for a prefold. Take one string through both button holes and then do the same for the other.

Now tighten to fit baby.

Tie in pretty little bow. Here's my two year old wearing it (She's wearing it as a "Let's do the Twist" Fold - don't think it would work on the smaller newborn sizing.)

For a newborn, First fold over the top of the diaper to be the size you need, and fold and tie in the same way.


Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

Wow! I love that! Thanks so much.

Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

BTW, are you a DS mama? I am too! hmamma on DS. I'm also at

Melissa Jagears said...

Help me, I don't know that abbreviation. What is a DS Mamma?

Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said... It's a forum for all of us Cloth Diapering Mamas. I guess you're not on there. You should totally check it out though. We're all talking about your site in the Thrifty Families section. We love your ideas!

Melissa Jagears said...

Well, Now I'm a DS mama - TheMakingDoMommom - thanks to you all for making my site popular today!

Shanaka @ Mama Bee Does said...

I've been a follower for a while and love your site! I wasnt much of a do it yourself-er until I came across some sites like yours. Thanks for helping me be a better stay at home mom that can do things her self ;) I'm a DS mama too- QueenBof3.

Anonymous said...


GRK_MMM said...

I had teen agers while still having chilren in diapers. I would use the TShirts that I didn't like for diapers, just folded and put them on with DiD klips, solved the problem of questionable shirts, older kids wouldn't wear them after they were used for diapers .

Now I am working on diapers for grand and great grandchildren, 3 expected in the next 6 months.

Melissa Jagears said...

Rhode Island K, Fantastic use for questionable t-shirts! I saw plenty in the junior high I taught at that would have been better suited as diapers! :)