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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Close the Dryer Door

Is your utility room cold? Do you close the dryer door after you are through using it? If not, do so, otherwise you have given cold air direct access into your house.

My utility room is exceptionally cold this year, and I knew I was able to keep it warmer last year. One, my breaker box really needs to be redone and insulated, but for now I replaced the shipping tape "sealer" around the edge where it meets the wall that hubby forgot to tell me he ripped off when changing some breakers.

Then when it was still cold, I had to think for awhile and then realized it was my wide open dryer that was continuing to make it cold.


SandyQuilts said...

DH fixed a hole in the dryer tubing (or whatever it's called) with a screen so the hot air blows back into the room. Heat. My room is cold too. In the summer he turns it back so the air doesn't blow back into the room.

Melissa Jagears said...

Yes, I have looked at buying those conversion kits that lets you direct the heat into the room, but it seems it will also keep in the humidity and I already have humidity problems in that room, so I have decided against attempting it, but I think it would be really good if it were in like a basement or garage set-up. I hear there is also lots of problems with keeping the lint at bay. Do you have that problem?

Alana Jo said...

Doesnt your light in the dryer stay on when u leave the door open?

Melissa Jagears said...

They make dryers with lights?! Wow, that's cool. But no, no dryer light to warn me.

Alana Jo said...

Yeah, our dryer has a light inside.