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Monday, March 16, 2009

Cheap Thank Yous

With all the baby gifts I received or the birthday gifts my child received, I wanted to send out Thank yous, but fun ones and in post card form to save on postage.

So, I would take a picture of her wearing the outfit or playing with the toy and then open it in printshop software to make a postcard, or I just make the photo about the size of a postcard, write on it with my photo software and print it out on card stock. I cut it out and address the other side like a letter. I think it is much more fun to send a thank you note to the person with a photo of your child playing with the item. And because I hate being serious, I write something silly on the cards, when my kid gets old enough, I will have her write the actual thank you.


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amy@flexibledreams said...

I LOVE doing stuff like this! My digital camera has a video option and we did a video thank you this year. I posted about it here