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Friday, March 6, 2009

Reader Suggestion Friday - Reuses for Wool Sweaters

I have to say that t-shirts and wool sweaters have become a "staple" in my craft piles for making do. Every time I see one these for cheap or free, I pick it up even though I have a pile at home. Someone who just joined my blog is enamored by wool sweaters too and collects reuses for them on her blog; she's enamored enough to sell them for those that want them but live in an area where they are hard pressed to find them (i.e. Florida). Her blog, Resweater, lists some projects that she has found others using old wool sweaters for. The below links are a few I think that are within my sewing skill level and are practical that I liked. (I'm not one for artsy/decor stuff, but there are projects highlighting that too if you are interested.)

Mix and match Child Cardigans

Wool Berets

Ice Scraper Cover - Gotta do this one

Rag Rug - Really nice, I'll have to do this one too sometime in the far far future.

I'm planning on someday making a crazy quilt with all my scraps that are too small to do anything with, but I know that will be ages from now considering how much time that will take!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! You can also make mittens from them. If the sweater is mostly used up on other things, you can use the cuffs and waist as ribbing on other projects. Scraps can be kept and used as filling in cat toys which, of course, you can sew from sweater pieces. Happy sewing everyone!