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Thursday, March 19, 2009

CD Bird Chasers

What to do with those junk mail CDs or scratched up ones beside throw them away?

As a kid, we used to hang pot pie tins from the garden stakes to keep birds away from the garden. I think I will be using CDs instead, much prettier. Does it work all that well? Mmm, not planning to set up a control garden and check out the difference in rates of birds pecking at the separate gardens, but it doesn't cost me anything so why wouldn't I?

Here are some other crafty ideas or these.

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matthewcjohnny said...

What do you do when you hear the beautiful sounds of a bird singing in your backyard? You grab your CD player and set it on the patio and go outside to see the bird. Now, you can do the same thing with the CD Bird Chasers. The CD is designed with a bright, colorful, and easy-to-see CD that will let you easily spot the bird. When the bird moves, the CD will move too.