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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Belt Refashion

So I saw this really cool belt that would fit an outfit I intend to refashion at home, but it was meant for a woman 3 times my size. No problem for a quarter!

I cut the seam that was holding the end of the belt to the buckle and pulled it through til it was the size I wanted.

Then I sewed it along the edge as close to the buckle as possible. Obviously, without the specialized machine they use, you will see the seam, but I'm ok with that. I got it as close as possible and tried to stay straight (I'm so bad at that, I almost did it) and cut off the excess.

Now the 2X belt is a size M.


Anna said...

Good idea! Right now my husband is making do with a duct tape repair on his belt until we can find him a sturdy (read non-plastic like material) one in our price range. The leather has given away around the buckle.

debbieo said...

Good job.