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Monday, March 8, 2010

Saving Tips for the Dryer

If you've read my blog, you know that I line dry and advocate line drying, but I do use my dryer on occasion (like when it rains all week and the house is cold and humid making it take twice as long to dry and you need something, now!)

I'm guilty of just shoving clothes in the dryer without thinking, but here are a few tips on how to use less of your energy dollars when you use the dryer.

  • I always shake my clothes before I line dry them, but did you know if you do that for the dryer not only will they be less wrinkled, but they take less time to dry? How did this fact escape me?
  • Save up your several loads of laundry to dry and dry the lighter fabrics first, as soon as they are done, use that residual heat to dry the heavy fabric loads quicker by tossing them in right away.
  • If your machine has a humidity detector, use that, but I was told by an appliance man that unless you have a really expensive machine, that humidity detector isn't the best. Check your laundry periodically through the cycle for awhile to get a feel for how quickly your machine dries the load, if your humidity sensor seems to be good, fine. If not, start using the timer set at the time your machine dries certain fabric weights.
  • Always empty the lint catcher, makes your dryer work more efficiently and less chance of burning down your house. Seriously, the few seconds saved by not pulling out lint will not be worth it if you loose your possessions in a fire.
  • Also, regularly check the vent from the back of your dryer to the outdoors. Same reasoning as above.
  • If your clothes feel really heavy with water out of the washer, put them back in for a spin. Spinning your washer takes less energy than extra time in your dryer.
  • Do not overload your dryer; do not underload your dryer. Both are electricity wasters.


Resweater said...

Dryer balls are great too! They significantly reduce dry time (saves energy!), reduce static, and naturally soften. I have described how I made mine on my blog:

Donna said...

Hi MJ,

This is a great post! Very informative! Thanks for sharing this info with us. I definitely want to share this with my readers...although I've noticed that a few of them have now signed up with you. I'm so glad!

Have a great day and