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Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Random Picking Software and Book Winner

If you need to pick something at random, or put a list in random order, I use this free software called "The Hat." Now, if you have a blog giveway, like I did, this makes it totally fair by randomly picking one name. Or what if you want to shuffle an entire list? Let's say you have several children and you need to decide who cleans toilets which week. You can type in each name and shuffle the names and then you didn't decide what order they have to go in, the hat did. Or you have the option of importing names from a file. So lets say you want to encourage your kiddos to do something in order to win a prize. So if they wash the car, you can import your reward list from where you saved it, the kid can press the hat button and out pops either "Get $5" or "Choose a movie to watch" etc.

But that does require typing (If you are going to use the list again, save it).

If the list will never be used again, you could easily take a count of how many comments you have on a particular blog post (just look on your dashboard) and go to, change the number parameters and whatever number it generates, is the winner.

Using, the winner of The Country House Courtship is WENDY.

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LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

Found you through "Organizing Your Way" blog, browsed through the site, got hooked at the "Crackers Fish" recipe and am now following you on Google. :O)