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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Denim Headband

Ok, who says the frugal gene can't be inherited?

My 3 year old loves to put a big rubber band around her head as a headband. (Mommy and Daddy keep trying to gather up and hide all the rubber bands, but she's like a rubber band detector) We may have gotten them all because she slipped into the sewing room where Daddy had been sewing up a gun rest from a pant leg. He left the pant leg cuff he'd cut off on the floor and that is now the new headband.

I've cut off the ragged ends to make it nicer, but I'm rather proud of my 3 year old Making Do-er.

Then she insisted that she wanted to read my unabridged dictionary as soon as I took the above picture and she did read it for a whole 20 minutes! I just thought this was a great picture for my blogging profile! I've got three blogs, 1) My kid blog is for my family and replaces my need for scrapbooking 2)This blog all about frugal making do aka using pants' scrap as a headband and 3)My Fiction Reading/Writing Blog - What says Reading and Writing more than an unabridged dictionary! :)

1 comment:

Donna said...

Hi! I really love this idea and your little girl is so cute! Since you said I could use a post now and then, I'm going to borrow this picture to post tomorrow morning on my Friday "Show and Tell". I'm putting links to each picture to each person's website too. Thanks for the cute idea!