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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pants to Shorts

My girl REFUSES to wear pants. Dresses only. So, I have some hand me down pants that are idle and my girl is tumbling about showing her panties to the world. So why not cut them down and make them "bloomers"? I'm sure you could make fancy elasticized bloomers, but I don't sew well enough, so here are simple undershorts for girls that like to tumble for the sewing impaired.

Take some cotton stretchy pants and capris. (Good for stained knees.) Grab a pair of shorts for the same size kiddo as you want to make your shorts.

Line up the crotches so that your length will be what you want and cut them off.

Then zigzag sew around the bottom cut off (If you pull on the fabric as you sew, like I did the purple one, the more scalloped/ruffled the edge becomes). And now I have new no-show the underwear bloomers.

And then she tried them out for us:

1 comment:

Gina Conroy said...

GREAT idea! Your little girl sounds a lot like mine did a her age. But now she wears pants, but is still picky about them. I have some leggins she's never worn. Just might try this!