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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Broken Lamp Closet Light

There were no bathrooms when we moved into the house (long story), but one of the upstairs bathroom rooms was ginormous, bigger than my childhood bedroom, so when we put in a bathroom, we walled off a section to make a storage closet. A storage closet is not high on our priority list of things to fix in this house, so it just sits there unfinished. I had a curtain on a tension rod covering the door hole.

Our church bulldozed its parsonage and prior to its demise, we were allowed in to strip things. So we took the tall doors off the pantry. They'd fit that closet! So Hubby installed them last week. (Kinda feel like Alice in Wonderland in that hallway with the three different sized doors)

But now I needed a light, but as I said, this is low priority, none of the house has overhead lighting and so the other rooms are needing that attention first. So, my toddler had broken a lamp by being a monkey, and I had kept the light portion in thoughts that one day, I'd make a hole through a stack of books and have a book lamp base. But, aha! I could string it up from one of the outlets already in the closet for now. So, I took the lamp and an extension cord and some big staples that you have to hammer in and strung it up.

This portable wardrobe was also for the taking at the parsonage, so now there's a closet in the storage closet.

One day we'll finish the drywall, put in a real light, put in carpet and shelving, but for now, the storage closet is usable.

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