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Friday, February 12, 2010

Making Patterns from Store Bought Clothing

There have been times where I wished I had bought more than one of a particular clothing item. And I wear it even past the point of stains that won't go away because they are so flattering. I would have loved to been able to make another one, and now with instructions from Donna on Homemaking Made Easy I might be able to do that with the next shirt or skirt that so inspires me.

Make Patterns from Store Bought Clothes Tutorial


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to this! I've been sadly looking at a few go-to pieces, wondering when I'll have to admit they're no longer socially acceptable.

Jill said...

I do this all the time! Or when I need to alter a piece of clothing, I use a similar garment that fits better as a guide.

Donna said...

Hi! Thanks for posting about my pattern duplicating idea! I really love your blog and plan to keep it on my blogroll. I'm a thrifty queen! I plan to do lots more thrifty posts on my Homemaking Made Easy Blog. My family and I will be mentioned and quoted from in Jeff Yeager's new book that is coming out soon. The Ultimate Cheapskate...Next Door. We've been living on the same income with five teens for ten years!

I'll let you know when I post another good cheapy idea. :o) Like Jeff says..I do everything I can to 'skip the money step'.

And I'm sure I'll be featuring some of your posts for my readers.

Thanks again,