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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweater turned Draped Cardigan

Ok, I bought a sweater ($1) to do the refashion posted on these two blogs, but it didn't turn out so well, it was nice, but not big enough. I would suggest at least two sizes bigger than you, not just one. So, who knows when I'll find another since it took me awhile to find the last one. So, in case you got a sweater with box cut (non surged or a non-knit sweater) sleeves, I thought I'd post the tutorials anyway.

Flowery Skirt Tutorial and Absinthe and Orange Tutorial (I found using both of these for different aspects of the construction useful) And be really careful when picking out the seams of a knit sweater (whoops!)

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Hi,MJ! Thanks for linking to my blog. I'm glad you found the sweater refashion tutorial useful.
@The Flowery Skirt

Your blog is a great resource. The dresses for your girl are gorgeous, and all the crafty stuff, too!