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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wool Sweater Diaper Bag

Now that I made a dirty diaper bag from an old wool sweater, why not have a diaper bag to match?

First I took one of my really thick felted wool sweaters (shrunk in a hot/cold wash and dried in the dryer) that I felt was too bulky for a diaper cover or longie. I cut off the sleeves from the body which I will make the dirty diaper bag from. The body is what I will be using for the bag.

Using a folded diaper as a guide for how deep I wanted the diaper bag to be. This one nicely fell at the armpit holes. I cut from one side to the other front only. Then I cut off the neck hole. The flap of the back of the sweater will be my bag flap.

I felt it was too big for a bag and took off some inches to my desired size. Then I turned it inside out and sewed up the bottom waistband and the newly cut side.

Then I sewed up a hole in the sweater with a zigzag stitch that was luckily in a place where the flap will cover it.

Then using the neck hole excess, I made two long strips of sweater since I couldn't get one length long enough for a strap.

Then I sewed each end into the corner of the bag. I held it onto my shoulder and decided where I wanted to sew the straps together to make it the length I want (Hint: Go shorter than you want because the strap will stretch some when carrying it around loaded with supplies) I used this kind of stitch to make sure it was a strong seam.

Then I rounded the corners of my flap because I wanted to and there you have it! It may not be the most gorgeous diaper bag in the world, but it cost me less than $1!

I've stocked it with diaper liners, diapers, a wool cover, my dirty diaper wool bag and a ziplock bag of premoistened diaper wipes.

1 comment:

The Farm-Marm said...

This is soooo cool! i'm going to the next months sale at goodwill to find me a men's xxl wool sweater!