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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Multi-Purpose Ice Cream Buckets

So, I am made fun of for my stack of ice cream buckets, but we really like ice cream and buying a big vanilla bucket and adding our own toppings and mix-ins is so much cheaper than buying it any other way. Plus, they come in these lovely reusable plastic buckets with handles. Later in the blog, if I do anything really cool with them I'll post it separately, but I use these for all kinds of general things.

General uses for the ice cream bucket:

Big Tupperware container

Compost Bucket

Cleaning Bucket

Catcher for water when your roof springs a leak

Hand wash delicates bucket

Holding all the little kitchen things. Like one has all my popsicle forms, and another has all my bottle nipples and liners

Painting Bucket

Bucket for mixing concrete, thinset and grout in

Holding all the roofing nails when the box splits at the seams.

I think you get the idea; they are awfully handy and when I use them for something really gross (like mixing grout) I don't feel too bad about throwing it out instead of forcing myself to clean it.

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