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Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Scrapbook and Diary for Your Child

I made a physical scrapbook for my infant through her first year. As a baby it was pretty easy, her accomplishments and growth was fairly recordable on "film," but as a toddler, it was getting pretty hard to remember to write down all the new words, etc. and organize them for later scrapbooking. When she had turned 18 months and I was forgetting things she was doing, but didn't feel like I could make a scrapbook page, I felt I needed an alternative.

Plus, scrapbooking was getting expensive even though I was mainly using dollar store scrapbooking supplies and printouts from my computer, and I had no way to put in my digital video. So, I signed up for a blogger account (Like this one). It's free, and I can put on photos and videos. Each day the kiddo does something that I feel would be of interest, I write a small blurb (or large blurb depending on the day).

Don't worry about it being public. You can go into settings > permissions and make it totally private or readable by email invitation only.

The grandmas love that they can get on and see what she is doing almost every day since they live far away. And I like the fact that I can put down the stuff she does and not worry about forgetting that she licked the knothole in every fence post or held hands with the cute little boy at library story hour, etc.

If you are afraid that it isn't permanent and can be destroyed by the internet at any time, then you can backup your data. This one worked for me Blogger Backup

Use Blurb to make a book of your kiddos blog periodically.

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