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Friday, July 10, 2009

Reader Suggestion Friday - Crochet with Plastic Bags

A reader's friend uses plastic bags to crochet durable reusable grocery bags. (I use t-shirts for my reusable grocery bags)

If you would like to see a photo tutorial on how to cut bags to reuse as yarn go here.

Recycle Cindy from crocheted a clothespin bag for her clothesline with this method. (I used a toddler's dress for my clothespin bag)

Check out the rest of Cindy's site, cool reuse projects, some of which I think I am going to do, which of course I'll post when I do them.

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Tasha said...

This type of "yarn" is called plarn for anyone wanting to search patterns! My grandmother made me this awesome rug from recycled grocery bags, bread bags, even trash bags that people donated clothing in to the Salvation Army(she volunteers there.) I love it, and it's holding up better than my store bought rugs!