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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Make Your Own Drain Cleaner

Pour a scoopful of baking soda in your slow drain and follow it by a glug or two of vinegar until the bakind soda is dissolved. Watch it bubble and fizz and leave for 15-30 minutes and wash it down with a large saucepan full of boiling water. Do this until you see improvement.

Have yet to try it on a really stubborn slow drain. If you have, let us know in the comments.


Myrnie said...

I do this a few times a year in all our drains. But, you can foam till the cows come home: if it's hair and grime, use a Zip-It! I LOVE them- the package says it's disposable, but I just use my (gloved) hands to pull the gunk off and throw it in the trash. A good HOT rinse with soap, and it goes back in the cleaning supplies :) It's been a life-saver, especially for slow shower drains.

Melissa Jagears said...

Thanks for the tip Myrnie. Where do you find these Zip-Its? I have never heard of them. Is it a disposable version of a drain snake?

LizzieK8 said...

Chlorine bleach left over night in a clogged sink with do wonders towards clearing it up, too. Bleach breaks down proteins of which hair is made up of.....

I've never had much luck with soda and vinegar except the freshen a smelly drain.