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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free Personalized Pandora Radio

I love Symphonies in Minor keys. So I am searching around on the internet for a CD that is just filled with minor key symphonies. (Like Tchaikovsky's Marche Slave which was what I was looking for). Didn't find anything in a quick search, but I stumbled across something better!

Pandora Radio

This is a free personalized radio station based on what you want to hear.

I signed up for their free radio player (you can have up to 100 personalized "stations") and put in Bach Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor for my first station. (Everone has heard this piece, if you don't recall this piece have a listen here).

I love this piece, so I thought a radio station that plays pieces like this would be neat, so after I put it in, the radio player says,
"We will play works that are musically similar to "Tocatta in D Minor" Featuring Tonal Harmony, minor key tonality, and a fast and bright tempo, a well known composer and a baroque style."

I love 80s music. So I decided to see what a station centered around one of the songs that no matter how many times I hear it, it makes me feel nostalgic and I never get tired of it: "Total Eclipse of the Heart" to see if the rest of the songs the player pulls up are ones I like.

The first 10 were these:
"Every Breath You Take" by The Police
"I love Rock n Roll" by Joan Jett
"It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette
"Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Jessica Sierra (American Idol Season 4)
"True Colors" Cyndi Lauper (not fond of this one)
"Holiday" Madonna
"Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" The Police
"Eternal Flame" The Bangles
"Time after Time" Cyndi Lauper
"Any Way You Want It" by Journey

Besides being a bit disappointed that it wasn't Bonnie Tyler singing Total Eclipse and not liking one of the Cyndi Lauper songs, I have to say the choices were all ones I could sing all the way through because they are some of my favorite 80s song choices.

If you don't like a song it pulls up, you can tell it to never play it again and it will supposedly adjust to fit your tastes.

You only get 40 hours of free listening a month and if you want more it's 99 cents. You can only skip 6 songs an hour (If you thumb down a song after it plays it doesn't count as a skip)

Every now and then there is a 10 secondish ad you do have to listen to, but I'm still impressed!

Woohoo, just made a Bing Crosby Station, I'm in heaven.


Heather - said...

Pandora is great. Have fun trying to listen to 40 hours a month!! :) Well, I never do.

wolfie girl said...

i love pandora. unfortunately a few years back licensing agreements made it US only (i'm from Australia). I discovered so many new bands on pandora, and I've yet to find any other program that had the same capacities as pandora did. I'm so envious that you get to appreciate what a cool program pandora is!

ajf1125 said...

Thanks for this great tip! I love the music I'm getting, without any interruptions or styles I don't like. It really is a cool program!