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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mow the Lawn without Gas

We were gifted with a reel push mower. You might think that it was replaced with a gas mower because it didn't work well or that it took too much effort, but the modern ones to me seem to be the same amount of work to mow the lawn as it is with a gas powered one. (Obviously, I have a ride on mower since I mow 5 acres of lawn, but this works on small areas I want to mow without getting the ride-on out.)

Plus, in the eight years I have been married we have gone through 3 lawn mowers, at minimum $100 each plus gas, oil, spark plugs and maintenance, (One kept losing its wheel nut, so we went through probably 5 bolts on that one, extra blades, and even a wheel tearing the sheet metal off making us go to a junk yard for a body to install the motor on). That's quite expensive and frustrating.

This isn't for lazy mowers though or people with huge lawns (half an acre or less is ideal). You have to keep up with the lawn, can't let it grow into a forest, otherwise you will have to haul out the gas powered one, but maybe that could be a motivator to get out and do it. It also doesn't do well on stick weeds it needs to be an actual lawn not scrub brush territory or get out there and mow before the weeds get big enough to become stick-like.

Here's a good site to research them if you are interested.
Heck, even Walmart carries them.

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

We've got one of these! It works great, but it does tens to get caaght on highrr grass, so I spray WD-40 on the blades, and it whizzes the grass, even the high stuff.