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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Straight Razor Saves Money

My husband is slowly getting sucked into the super thrifty lifestyle. He will come home now after a shopping trip and give me the detailed thought process he went through before deciding on coming home and making it himself or searching for it online, etc. I rub off on people; beware before you get too close to me!

So, a few weeks ago, I was proud of him when he came into the office and said, "You know. I have that antique straight razor and a diamond stone. These blade replacements are only lasting me two weeks. I should look up how to use that straight razor." Then he kicked me off the computer to look up how to do it.

It does take a bit of money to begin with. We bought a "Zeepk Straight Razor Set"on ebay for $45 (included was S&H) which is the best deal for all of it that we found (there are smaller kits and the razors themselves are not any good, but the other stuff is worth it (mainly the strop)) and some fancy aftershave; you do need aftershave, but he decided to try the best recommended which was a whopping $30. (You can put "Zeepk Straight Razor Set" in ebay, the store sells many of them) Of course, depending on your shopping skills it can be much more, so if you put in "buy straight razor" in Google and find one for $2000, don't be surprised. But let's say you spend $250 to start because you want some fancier stuff. If you were buying a $20 pack of 4 razors only lasting you two weeks a piece, then you normally spend $120 a year. After 2 years, it is paid for and you never have to buy anything more except shaving soap every now and then (a $2 purchase). Places with pharmacies (Like Walgreens but not Walmart) do carry brushes and soap, so you don't need to keep paying for S&H for a $2 soap which is nice if you live in the middle of nowhere. If you live in big city areas, I've read Nordstroms or fancy retail departments may carry it all. Also ask Grandma if she still has great grandpa's shaving stuff. Mom-in-law has some in her closet - try that avenue too!

Another benefit is that is it the closest shave you can get. His face after using the straight razor 24 hours earlier feels like his initial shave with his disposable razor.

I have to say though that the saving money thing and the fact that he has never had a better shave has become secondary in regards to his motivation. My hubby is a big knife guy. (He blacksmiths his own knives from scrap metal and walks around with patches of hair missing from his arms from the fun he has demonstrating to people how sharp he keeps his knives.) So, the fact that he is getting a big testosterone high from shaving with something that he could kill himself with, I think, is the real reason he is so excited about the process that has compelled him to tell everyone around him about his new thrifty hobby.

So, interested? Here are the sites he found helpful to learn how to reclaim the art of shaving with a straight razor. A warning: straight razor information sites do tend to be written by men running high on testosterone since they shave with a weapon, you will find several with a few bad words mixed in with the information. I wouldn't post any over the top ones, but it seems the ones my hubby found most helpful do have some of these words mixed in.

This is the definitive article according to my husband, it is long, but was essential to his know-how.

Good introduction article. (Questionable language in subtitle otherwise looks clean)

A kid fairly new to the process has a video series. Hubby liked seeing a newbie do it.
Equipment Care Video. Shaving Procedure Video. (Kid uses a few questionable words.)

Video of a man simply shaving with one.

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