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Friday, May 8, 2009

Reader Suggestion Friday - Fixing Leaks

Do you have something that should hold water but doesn't? Before throwing it away check out Betsy Bargain's tip:

"My watering can was starting to leak, and I thought I would have to get a new one. My sister suggested I use silicone tub and tile caulking around the spout where it was leaking. It worked great! It no longer leaks, and I won't have to buy a new watering can just yet!"

I am betting tub caulk can fix other leaky things as well.

Check out Betsy Bargain's Talk Thrifty to Me blog.

1 comment:

Melissa ~ Mom to 6 said...

We have JB Weld too for our fast fix kit. Also, zip ties and duct tape. :D