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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Save Ink with an Economy Font

Instead of using a regular font for an item that you want to print out to take a look at it, why not use an economy font? An economy font is lettering that has little holes in it to reduce the amount of ink that your printer uses to print it, but remains legible. Of course, you don't want to hand in a business report or college essay with the font.

I downloaded the zip files and they were saved to my desktop. Then I extracted the files. Then I opened up my control panel>fonts folder. I moved the unzipped TrueType font into the font file and all was done and ready for me to use in my programs using fonts.


Together We Save said...

great idea. Thanks

crafty_penguin said...

Maybe you could also set it to a grayscale color, not 100% black - that might save some ink too.

Heather - said...

Good idea! I agree with zebuladesign - I always set my all-black (or non important) papers to "black ink only"