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Monday, May 25, 2009

The GIft of Time Coupons

Is there a birthday or anniversary coming up in the near future? Think about giving the gift of time instead of a plastic toy that will only hold their attention for a few days or flowers that will wilt. Some people's love language is Quality Time and what better way to tell them that you love them than to make them some coupons so that they can ask for quality time when they need it? Determine in your head beforehand though that when they hand you the coupon you fulfill the request as soon as possible and cheerfully otherwise it is worthless.

Here are some ideas:

Read a book to them
Sit and watch a movie with them
Take them out for ice cream cone
Go on a walk with them alone
Play a board game with them
Play a video game with them
Take them fishing
Do a craft project with them
Get to choose the movie for the family to watch
Bath completely full of bubbles
Bake something with them
Go alone to grandma's house or friend's house that siblings usually attend with them
Eat dinner as a picnic
Able to sleep somewhere they want not in their bed (backyard in tents, in the living room with sheet tents, etc.)
Choose the restaurant
A sleepover at your house for their friends
A ride to a friend's house
Use of the car
Pedicure/Manicure session with them
An extra hour past curfew
Get out of a chore

Night of babysitting
Make the dinner for them
Breakfast in Bed
Have guys/girls over and spouse provides the snacks and cleanup for your poker or scrapbook party
Favorite meal
Wash and vacuum their car
Honey-do-free weekend
Do your chores for the day/week

Do your chores with no whining (this is a coupon for kid to give to parent)

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