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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wowser Wednesday - Aluminum Can Bags

I am not sure how to cite this lady's project because it is in a yahoo group's photo files. She goes by Cath and that is all I know. Anyway, she decided to use her aluminum cans to make handbags. I am not too much into purses, but it was interesting!

Here is what she wrote on the group:
"My soda cans usually end up in a bin bag for some guy to come and pick-up. For
each can he recycles he gets a penny. He hadn't been since b4 Christmas! So I
just had to do something with them....and I wasn't gonna chuck them away! So I
created something myself...and have made some cash from it to!All my friends
think I am really weird but now you can judge for yourself! Have a look at my new
album Canny Ceration."

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