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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Glass Dry Erase Board

I use the mirror in my sewing room as a dry erase board to write down the measurements as I go. Also comes in handy to keep little one occupied as I sew.

But that made me think of how to make a fancier dry erase board that will fit home decor. So, I took a picture frame that went along with the color scheme of the room (silver). Printed out a background that matched (black and white roses printed on draft ink level). Wrapping paper, child's artwork, fabric or scrapbook paper could work as well. And slipped that into the photo's spot. Now I have a dry erase board that is a part of the room.


Together We Save said...

That was a great idea.

Pascalian Awakenings said...

That's a great idea! Is all glass dry erase?


Melissa Jagears said...

As far as I know all glass would work. I've done it on my windows in the kitchen, the mirror on the vanity and the glass frame. When I taught, we would buy the cheap glossy shower surrounds and cut it up into squares and the kids would have their own "dry erase board."

If it's not plain glass, like frosted glass, I am not certain. Dry erase will wipe off pretty quickly, but just like on a regular white board, the longer you leave it on there the dye will soak in a bit. Then we would use expo cleaner on it (I haven't looked it up, but my guess is that it's just an rubbing alcohol base) Ah, I'll look now.

Chemical CAS# or ID %
007732-18-5 -
000067-63-0 -

So it is mainly alcohol and water and the stuff in simple green, but I bet alcohol and water would work fine.

So, I would do a test. Take a sample of what you want to make into a dry erase board, leave it on there for awhile and wipe off and see how it comes off, if there is slight coloring try wiping it off with rubbing alcohol. Heck, Rubbing alcohol gets Sharpee off my laminate floors, it works wonders.

Elsa said...

Thank you so much for a great idea! I have a beautiful wood frame that has a shelf on the front of it. It used to be a hallway mirror, but was broken in a move years ago. I have been carting around the frame since then due to it being so beautiful. I knew that I could either get a new mirror made for it(never in the budget to do it!) or figure out something else for it. Now all I have to do is get a piece of glass cut for it. Which around here is less than $10.

Thank you again.

Melissa Jagears said...

A frame with a shelf for a dry erase board sounds very handy. Glad to help, Elsa.