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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Conserve Contact Solution

I used to work for an eye doctor and ordered the contact cases (cost only pennies). The little flip top lid kind use much less contact solution than the screw cap travel kind for the exact same purpose. We always gave several away because of their cheapness that I didn't realize some doctor's offices don't have them. At my new eye doctor, the ladies said they didn't even know of their existence (I found that hard to believe, but they acted genuinely confused). With a necessary upgrade to a more expensive solution, I was not about to use the screw cap kind. (The only kind you can buy at the store; Quite tricky of your contact solution sellers -- use more, buy more). So, armed with the knowledge that these are cheap giveaways, I decided to visit another eye doctor. I told them that I wasn't their patient but I was looking for the flip top contact cases and they promptly handed me a handful.

By the way, I learned at my job (not when I first got my contacts) that you should rinse your contact case under tap water every day and flip them upside down to dry during the day to keep your contacts hygienic. Since I have done this, the contact case doesn't get crust on it and I can use that case much longer.

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