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Monday, April 20, 2009

Mini Blind Garden Markers

I am doing a square foot garden this year. I wanted a non-biodegradable way to mark off my sections so I can reuse them every year. I asked for a used mini-blind on freecycle and got one (had many offers, but only needed one).

I cut the strings to the mini-blind and "harvested" all the slats.

Then I took some of those slats and cut them in four pieces.

Then I wrote on each slat the name of my plants that I intend to plant to mark their squares.

I then wrote on the back of them any special watering, growing directions so I could see it when I was out in the garden.

Then just put them in the ground!

It had just rained, and I am not ready to plant yet, but so you have an idea, I put out the slats to "mark off" the areas for planting. When I actually do this, the dirt won't be mud and I will cut them to fit exactly the space I need and set them in the dirt sideways so only half of it is sticking up.

UPDATE: A reader was kind enough to send a link on the recall of some mini-blinds for lead poisoning. Here's the link. You'll want to be careful what old mini-blinds you use in and out of the garden.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great post! I do this too, and cut them small for seedling markers, too. I linked to your article in a recent post at Thorne's World.